August 20, 2009

I'm moving...

not boxes and bubble wrap moving (quite yet) but blog moving! my new company has a great blogging platform so I'm heading over there...don't worry, aside from a few aesthetic changes, nothing about my little blog will be different. still the same old random ramblings from little old lo. come on over to!

August 17, 2009

need a job?

you should borrow this top.
my friend T borrowed this shirt for an interview a few weeks ago and she got the job. I wore it to an interview last week and I got the job (!). it's now the lucky interview shirt. let me know if you need it.
and by the by, I can't even explain my excitement. because it's a really cool job. and I'm beyond excited.  

albeit jewelry

aren't these dainty little necklaces adorable? I love thin gold chains with small charms (like the viv&ingrid necklace K got me that I get asked about every single day). these are a new take on initial necklaces, since the letter is part of the chain, not hanging from it! the line is called albeit and you can buy them here

August 13, 2009

friday flashback

a few weeks ago when I was in LA for work, my friends and I went to the penthouse for drinks. it's on the top floor of the huntley hotel in santa monica. the views are amazing and at sunset hour their apps are only $7.

in case you couldn't tell, those are not my pics. the iphone is amazing, but not that amazing. below are shots from my visit. and yes, those halibut ceviche tostadas were delish. 

classy fox

I generally feel like megan fox tries too hard to say ridiculous things that will get eaten up by the press which annoys me. I also generally think that she looks a bit trashy with all her tummy baring shirts, thigh high slits, and visible tattoos. alas, the exception. she's looking downright classy in this pic.


I could wander through garance dore's illustrations (ok, entire blog) for hours. perhaps I could commission her to do an illustration of me? or perhaps she only does illustrations of impossibly chic french women?

August 11, 2009

house tour: sea of shoes

we all know the fabulous jane from sea of shoes (see her shoes above), and now we get to know where she lives. of course her mom, judy, is to credit for the fabulousness of their chic yet comfortable texas home. 

some of my faves include the louis ghost chairs (all 6 of them!), the liberal use of sheepskin, and the unique lighting fixtures. for more pics...

August 7, 2009

happy weekend!

I wouldn't mind working here

my friend A (yes the blackhearted one) works at this awesome space in santa monica. when I was in LA earlier this week my other friend A and I stopped by her office to have lunch. I loved the place so much I just had to take some pictures (hello, picture walls!)

did I mention that they also have a fully stocked kitchen, ping pong table upstairs, get to order in lunch every day, and are encouraged to wander online? I think I need to change jobs.  

August 6, 2009

leave a note

aren't these hilarious?! they are business card size notes to leave on the windshield of cars parked so horribly that they make it impossible for you to get in to your car or out of your space. or just ridiculously enough to warrant a note. 

August 5, 2009

move over gwenyth

rachel zoe's new daily newsletter started filling up inboxes this week. I must admit, I am enticed by the frequency of zoe's lifestyle newsletters, but she could never knock gwyneth off the pedestal that I have so carefully placed her on.  yes, sometimes goop gets a little full of themselves from up there, but I sincerely love her thoughtful and interesting topics.
good thing I don't have to pick between the two because I am also a huge fan of rachel zoe. i die for her show, and it's pretty much bananas that I have a glamorous new daily read to add to my list. 

I'm in love

isn't she beautiful? and at only $584 it's quite the steal, no? perhaps I'm delusional (my mom would make that definitely) but I would say any high quality, amazing leather handbag under a thousand qualifies as such. especially one as perfect for my pyramid stud obsession as this one.
I'm also seriously loving the clutch version, but at $444 it's a little much for something that has the potential to be lost/left during a long night out. check out more novella royale

August 4, 2009

I don't have a car...

...but if I did, it would be this one.

August 3, 2009


have you been to aritzia? the canadian based boutique opened in sf about a year ago with a nice mix of well known (marc by marc, juicy, twelfth street, etc.) and their own brands. I bought one of my favorite alexander wang style pocket tees there a while back and have loved (and worn) it quite a bit ever since. it's by their in house brand wilfred that's not too expensive, good quality, and has a great fit. I'm anxiously waiting for their fall collection to hit the website in a few weeks.